• Made in the Gorge

    Columbia River Gorge Artist Cooperative

    Made in the Gorge is an artist cooperative retail store located downtown Hood River Oregon. Shop with us at 108 Oak, mid-block between First & Second Streets on the north side; and just a few doors away from the historic Hood River Hotel.


    Seven creatives offer art and gifts, handmade in the Columbia River Gorge. Locally made Pottery, Art Glass, Jewelry, Photography, Watercolor, Prints, Stemware, Turned Wood and more. You'll find unique items for your home, office, personal adornment and gift giving needs.


    Open 7 days a week, 10–5, staffed by a member artist


  • Member Artists

    Steven Daniel, Charlene Fort, Terina Sorensen,

    Linda Steider, Ashley Nelson, Lupe Marquez, Donn Hopkins

    Steven Daniel - Dee Pottery

    My interest in clay began in the early 50’s digging adobe in my backyard. I was 12-years old when I was first introduced to a potter’s wheel. I attended the California College of Art and Crafts in the mid-60’s where I met Marguerite Wildenhain (1896-1983). Marguerite was a french-born ceramic artist, author and teacher who was one of the first students to enter the Bauhaus in Weirmar, Germany, which is known as the most influential art school of the 20th century. She joined Pond Farm Artists’ Colony (located 75 miles north of San Francisco) in the late 40’s. The colony disbanded in 1951 but for three decades Marguerite continued to accept approximately 20 students per year. My trip to Pond Farm was the beginning of a long friendship and learning experience that turned into my lifelong pursuit. In the early 70’s I set up my own studio in Dee, Oregon, then I later moved to 107 East State Street in Hood River, Oregon. I work in a centuries old European tradition. I mix all of my clay by hand with my own formulas; using ball, fire and red clay, with the addition of felspar and local sand. I turn everything on a self-made kick wheel. When the pottery is at the leather stage I put on colored slip decorations (pigment of my own formula, suspended in clay and painted or poured on the surface). I then usually incise patterns into the surface using a knife. This is allowed to dry for a couple of weeks and then the items are bisque fired (placed in a kiln and heated until a certain temperature is reached). This firing process takes about 12 hours and changes the clay chemically to a solid form. The pottery is then removed from the kiln and dipped or poured with a hand mixed and uniquely formulated glaze. This glaze forms a glass-like surface on the pottery. The pottery is then placed back in the kiln until a higher desired temperature is reached (approximately 8 hours). In addition to production vessels for everyday use, I make wall plaques and sculptural (people) pots. In addition to my pots, my brush face (toothbrush holders), French butter dishes, and teapots are very popular. I have several potters wheels and am available to hold classes on a private or semi-private level. You may call me at 541-386-8709 or email at oakridge@gorge.net.


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    Charlene Fort - Morning Sun Studio, Blown, Fused & Torchworked Glass

    Hand blown art glass pieces that are both functional and fun are created at Morning Sun Studio.


    Old lady playing with hot glass = one crazy woman. Going back to age 6, I was introduced to blown glass. Not having the words to describe how it affected me, it remained a burning nugget deep inside for the next 46 years. In 2000 my friend Linda Steider introduced to me kiln-formed glass. One aspect of this was using a candle to melt stringer. For the next 6 weeks, I became addicted to the candle. After a space of time Linda directed me to Andy Nichols in The Dalles, OR who is a glassblower. In the 17 years since then I have been at the studio in The Dalles creating beauty at the end of a pipe in a 2200 degree oven. There is nothing that I won't try in the medium and not only have I been blowing for 17 years, I'm also constantly taking classes in other disciplines in this medium. Give me a challenge and I'll do what I can to make it in glass. One crazy woman.


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    Terina Sorensen - Stones and Wire, Jewelry

    Stones and Wire is just that! Hand crafted Jewelry made from wire and gem stones. Stones and Wire is made in the Columbia River Gorge, by Terina Sorensen


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    Linda Steider - Steider Studios, Art Photography

    The more time I spend outside in nature, the more I want to be there. I want to capture everything I see with my camera so you can see it too. Something spiritual combined with luck and circumstance lead me to wildlife viewing opportunities, mostly in the Columbia River Gorge. I feel incredible gratitude for each gift of a photograph that I receive.


    I’ve sold my work since I was 16 years old, starting with macrame tie-dyed belts at the Rose Bowl Swap Meet back in the 60’s. I also sold them to my high school teachers, neighbors and relatives. I couldn’t stop making them. To this day I can’t stop making things. Although still making art glass, I’m mostly in the field with my camera now.


    I’ve taken pictures since I was ten when I received a Kodak Instamatic camera for my birthday. I used my photography as studio reference material for 25 years until friends told me that my photos were good enough to ‘show’. I hope you think so too.


    I’m beginning to think that my ultimate goal is sharing nature with people who can’t go where I go to see the magnificence of our natural world. Not just shut ins, wheelchair bound, too infirm or too young, but also those that spend all their time at work or at home taking care of others. I especially want people who can’t get out to know how spectacular nature is, in our back yard and beyond.


    I have many images available for prints on paper, metal and canvas as well as all-occasion greeting cards. You can order prints in most standard sizes on any media. See more of my work on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Flickr, and my WordPress blog. Just look for Steider Studios


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    Ashley Nelson - Brush and Saw Studio, Watercolor and Wood

    I come from a family of makers and creatives. My grandmother first introduced me to watercolors when I was probably no more than two years old. She herself is a world renowned painter and leather worker and she taught me the finer details of drawing and painting as I grew older. For years I stuck to pencil and charcoal drawings, often drawing pictures for people as gifts, especially if they had experienced the loss of a pet. Since moving to the Gorge, I have taken that a step farther and now offer watercolor or pencil commissions of pets, houses, or whatever else you can think of (I haven't attempted people yet!).


    I always struggled with landscapes and mostly kept to animals, primarily horses. But living here in the Gorge provides too many amazing opportunities to paint and I've branched out of my comfort zone! I work primarily off of my own photos that I take while on adventures but I still like to mix it up. I might take a picture of Mt Hood in the daylight, but then paint that scene as if it where sunset. Creating colorful and vibrant skies is one of my favorite things with watercolor. I just let the paint do the work.


    I also dabble in a bit of woodworking. My dad is a carpenter and he used to let me pound nails into a board in his garage while he worked on something for his site. Learning is one of my favorite things to do, so I have enjoyed learning about woodworking and I am always working on learning new painting techniques a well. Living in White Salmon has given me endless inspiration and opportunities to flourish as an artist.


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    Lupe Marquez - Lush Libation Vessels, Custom Stemware & Glass Art

    Unique flame-crafted stem & glassware to help you celebrate good times.


    A libation vessel is a sacred container used to capture and pour out a liquid in a ceremonial offering to a god or spirit, or in loving memory of the dead. Common libations of ancient religions and various cultures today include wine and alcoholic beverages. I invite you to celebrate the sacredness of life and honor your own inner spirit with style.


    I’ve been drawing and building since I can remember. I’ve always been most attracted to 3 dimensional styles of art: pottery, sculpture. A trip to Maui in 2000 introduced me to the art and feel of flameworking with borosilicate (laboratory grade) glass. I fell in love with the challenge of heating hard glass to a thick syrup and shaping it into something new, colorful and unique. I extended my trip by several months to learn and practice in a functional glass pipe studio.


    A few years later, I bought my own equipment and set up a glass studio in my garage. I sold functional art on the street and at summer music festivals. Craving a new challenge, I began crafting wine and fine beverageware as a diversion. Soon after, I switched paths, loving the spirit of sharing celebratory drink with friends and family, while exploring a new niche in the glass art realm.


    In my process, I use a lathe to hold a single glass tube, while moving a torch flame over the spinning surface to heat and shape the piece. I overlay color by melting smaller sticks onto the spinning glass or by fusing silver or gold onto the glass. While the process is basic in theory, each piece requires its own unique dance and flow of heating and cooling, spinning and stretching. The living rhythm of this dance keeps me engaged and coming back to the ‘workbench.’


    Knowing my art moves on to become a vessel of others’ celebration also keeps me on this journey. May you imbibe with joy, with wisdom and with grace.


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    Donn Hopkins - Twin Oaks Turning, Wood Turning

    “I have grown wings and learned to fly”, was the first thing I thought after making my first piece on the wood lathe.


    All my life I have loved art. From going to college for animation to just sitting in the evening with my daughters making up funny stories on a big sketchpad. Art has been one of the big constants of my life.


    It was not until I moved back to Hood River that I cleaned out my fathers shop. In it I found memories and tools. I took both and used them to sculpt wood.


    A year later and many hundreds of hours on the lathe I get to bring my art to Made in the Gorge where I can share it with you.


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