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    Columbia River Gorge Artist-owned Cooperative Gallery

    Regular business hours 10am until 5pm, open 7 days a week (except Thanksgiving and Christmas).

    We continue to follow all OHA guidelines for your safety.


    Everything can change at a moments notice, so please bear with us as we navigate our way through providing you a socially distant, yet welcoming personal art experience.


    Message us directly at madeinthegorge@gorge.net.



    Made in the Gorge is the longest running artist-owned cooperative gallery in the Columbia River Gorge. March 2022 is our 21st anniversary! Shop with us downtown Hood River Oregon, at 108 Oak, mid-block between 1st & 2nd Streets on the north side. Just a few doors away from the historic Hood River Hotel.


    Seven creatives offer art, gifts and herbals handmade in the Columbia River Gorge. We offer Metal Art, Photography, Watercolor, Herbals, Pottery, Jewelry, and Fiber. You'll find unique items for your home, office, personal adornment and gift giving needs.


    **Staffed by a member artist daily**

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  • Member Artists

    Kevin Bligh, Linda Steider, Ashley Nelson, Melissa Scherlie,

    Sarah Hui, Kyla Rae, Elizabeth Flores

    Kevin Bligh - Wind Mountain Metal Works

    My interest in metal began at 11 years old when my dad taught me to weld with an oxy-acetylene torch. Most of my life I have fabricated from structural steel (angle iron, box tubing, solid bar, etc.) gates, stairs, ornamental iron work. In 2013 I was asked to make some steel salmon for the golf course where I work. It was then I discovered the beauty hidden in cold rolled steel sheet.


    My sculptures start with 18 gauge cold rolled sheets. The designs are hand drawn, then hand cut with a plasma torch, textured with various grinding devices, then hammered into shape on a leather sandbag. The coloring is created by different temperatures with a torch. Each piece is unique.


    I enjoy new challenges and would love to discuss any project that you have in mind.


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    Linda Steider - Steider Studios, Art Photography

    The more time I spend outside in nature, the more I want to be there. I want to capture everything I see with my camera so you can see it too. Something spiritual combined with luck and circumstance lead me to wildlife viewing opportunities, mostly in the Columbia River Gorge. I feel incredible gratitude for each gift of a photograph that I receive.


    I’ve sold my work since I was 16 years old, starting with macrame tie-dyed belts at the Rose Bowl Swap Meet back in the 60’s. I also sold them to my high school teachers, neighbors and relatives. I couldn’t stop making them. To this day I can’t stop making things, but I’m mostly in the field with my camera now.


    I’ve taken pictures since I was ten when I received a Kodak Instamatic camera for my birthday. I used my photography as studio reference material for 25 years until friends told me that my photos were good enough to ‘show’. I hope you think so too.


    My ultimate goal is sharing nature with people who can’t go where I go to see the magnificence of our natural world. Not just shut ins, wheelchair bound, too infirm or too young, but also those that spend all their time at work or at home taking care of others. I want to share how spectacular nature is, in our back yard and beyond.


    I have many images available for prints on paper, metal and canvas as well as all-occasion greeting cards. You can order prints in all standard sizes on any media. See more of my work on my website and social media. Just look for Steider Studios


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    Ashley Nelson - Brush and Saw Studio, Watercolor and Wood

    My grandmother first introduced me to watercolors when I was no more than two years old. She herself is a world renowned painter and leather worker and she taught me the finer details of drawing and painting as I grew older.


    I love to create scenes of nature whether it involves a landscape or an animal. My inspiration comes from the beauty around me and I often find myself absorbed by every last detail while I’m on a hike or driving down the Gorge. I also enjoy farm scenes. I grew up on a farm and love the colors and animals you can find in the country. Watercolor is my primary medium and offers both a challenge and feeling of wonder. There is something magical about the letting paint mix on paper and embracing the end result.


    I work in my studio in White Salmon, WA on my pear orchard. The Columbia River Gorge is ultimate place to seek inspiration. From its steep, mountainous walls, its mighty volcanoes, and colorful, ever-changing skies I will always have something to paint.


    I am originally from Renton, WA but I have lived in Pullman, WA and Kalamazoo, MI. The Gorge is my home now.


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    Melissa Scherlie - Green Heart Herbal Co.

    Green Heart Herbal Co. is an all natural herbal product company. We make all our products by hand and from scratch ethically and honestly. We grow and wildcraft most of our herbs. All other ingredients are bought locally in Oregon.

    We have Muscle Rubs, Joint Salves, bug bite balm, hand balms, oils, lip balms and more!



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    Sarah Hui - Truly Sarah Ceramics

    Born and raised in Oregon City, Oregon, Sarah Hui fell in love with ceramics in college. This love led her to a Bachelors of Science in Art, from the University of Oregon. After working for 10 years as a technical illustrator she is coming back to her love of ceramics, and is living her dream working full-time creating art out of her White Salmon, Washington home in the Columbia River Gorge. Sarah is most excited by the intersection of art and function – how it draws the user into the art – how a beautifully crafted functional piece will be enhanced, itself, by common everyday activities. She creates most of her forms on the potter’s wheel, and then uses carving, painting and sgraffito to manipulate surfaces of functional pieces. It’s her greatest hope to bring joy into the lives of those who interact with her art.


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    Kyla Rae - Zen Lotus Design


    Jewels of the Earth woven into works of art....bold, fashionable & beautiful


    I have been designing and fabricating my own jewelry for over 20 years. I truly love to play with natural materials and create works of art to wear daily.


    By selecting stones and materials with great care the final piece shines with quality. When wearing your own carefully crafted, stunning and unique piece, it reflects your own style.

    Living in the heart of the gorge is an amazing playground for my daughter and I to soak up the breathtaking and beautiful nature around us.

    I hope you express yourself in wearing each piece as much as I enjoyed making it.


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    Elizabeth Flores - Knit4Knots

    I work with different fibers to create unique cozy creations that are wearable, usable, and just downright cute. I work with the process of Loom Knitting & Crocheting. Everything is handmade with love in every stitch. Being raised my whole life in The Great Pacific Northwest you learn to love the weather out here, and all the fashion trends that follow. Many of my creations are inspired by The Gorge areas that in I grew up in. Other creations are inspired by my hispanic heritage focused mainly where my family is from, Puebla Mexico. Most of my creations are my own original designs.


    Growing up I always heard the quote, ”Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life." - Confucius


    Early background into this amazing journey first came in 2005 at the age of 11. Inspired by two influential ladies, who each showed me a different way to work with yarn. First, Mrs. Wheeler, my 5th grade teacher taught us Macrame / Weaving. Second, was my Tia Rosa who showed me how to crochet. They set up the foundation for a creative outlet I'd seek later on in adulthood.


    " Art is chaos taking shape." - Pablo Picasso


    In 2018 I found myself juggling motherhood and all that entails. At the same time, I was searching for a career that would allow me to remotely work from home. One day a familiar creative outlet from years ago found me again. I came across a circular loom and it reminded me of what I had learned in 5th grade. So I did what any good self taught crafter would do. I looked it up on YouTube and the rest is history… Spending numerous hours watching videos I was able to learn the skills of Loom Knitting & Crocheting.


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